New Website!

Here is the new website for Hubbard Architecture, redesigned and updated to be viewed on mobile phones, iPads and all other shiny and new technology- I hope you like it!

Projects for Sale

Would you like to build your own home but do not have the time to find a site, design your dream house and wait for planning permission?

Several of the projects we have been working on over the last couple of years have received planning permission but remain unbuilt and are now on the market. They may fit your requirements.

House 2 at Curfield, a five-bedroom detached dwelling, is available for sale through Matthews Benjamin in Windermere.

For those with deeper pockets and greater aspirations, Hubbard Architecture designed a detached house for a large plot with lake views at Countysmeet, Windermere. This is a large five bedroom house in a very contemporary style- lots of glass and wood- which received planning permission in 2012. This property is now on the market with Hackney & Leigh in Windermere.

In addition, the Pullwood Bay apartments are currently on the market being sold as individual properties. These are available through Matthews Benjamin in Windermere.

If you would like to discuss the potential of any of the above projects, and other projects not listed, please contact Phillip Hubbard at Hubbard Architecture Ltd.